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This is a place where I like to entertain a few readers and mainly myself with memoirs and observations about what I’ve seen, done and learned. My name is Robert Sickles, and I’ll be posting chapters of my book and other essays when the spirit moves me. I’d love to read your feedback, and if you’d like to receive notification of new posts please leave your email address in the comments box below.  


You may contact me by email: info@logoenlacabeza.com


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2. Well, here it is. A Prologue

This story is an excerpt from my memoirs, “Well here it is.” I’ve told and retold tales of my travels and experiences as a child and young man, amusing my family and friends at dinner tables, lunch breaks and campfires. Often heard: “you should write this stuff down.” Well, here it is. 

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David Black
3 months ago

I'm in.

Patrice Donovan
3 months ago

Yes more please. Sign me up for your wisdom.

3 months ago

Sign me up Robert. One more step for Robert, one more step toward fame!!

3 months ago

We are born naked, wet and hungry,
then things get worse.

Joe LaTourrette
3 months ago

I’m thrilled at the chance to read more of your stories Robert...Joe

Books for Sale

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The Bright Shining Light, The Path of the Sensitive Child

Illustrated story for young readers, of interest to parents, teachers and friends of highly sensitive children. A young girl named Aileen has questions about herself - she's intuitive, very sensitive to the mood energy of other people, and a bit of a misfit.  Can Granny Shannon help her understand her place in the world?


Honey Girl & Bella: A Hero's Journey

Illustrated picture book for young readers. Our version of the Hero's Journey involves a quest for a stolen golden heart pendant, with a cast of chickens, a raven, some crows, a very wise cat, a bullying barnyard rat, and Lady who runs the farm. 



The Lives of Pearl

The amazing story of Pearl Mattman as told by granddaughter Linda Diane Sickles.  The family legend was that 3 year-old Pearl was left by her woodsman father in the care of friends, who then took off with her, changed her name to Leona and raised her as their own two states away. She was not to learn of her true identity until she was a grown woman. Was this all true? Did her first husband, a Canadian Metis Chippewa, vanish forever at the train station, leaving her with two babies? Why did her second husband wait for so many years to reveal a shocking truth? Too bad Grandma Pearl wasn't still alive to clear it all up!